Established in 2015, Poros living is part of the division nurtured by Vindate, decade old multidiscipline company which elaborates remarkable interior and fascinating architecture designs. Our reputation has been built by helping clients create their excellence projects by incorporating client's needs with essential quality of good design. Equipped with defining knowledge of materials and the ability to perform as guiders of indigenous craftsmanship allow us to perform excellence for our clients.

Poros living offers assortments with unique sense of cultural & heritage in a luxury, comforting, and relaxing form of divine. Our designs are Imaginative and uncompromising. We use the best materials and adhered to a scrupulous quality of workmanship.


It's concepts are born from the natural beauty of our mother earth-tropical Indonesia, supported by the culture and history of the migrants who had stopped across the centuries.

The cultural mix between the western and eastern initiated the use of natural wood from Indonesia and adapt the materials born of human thought and technology from external parties.

Poros Living is created to apply our best expertise and turn it into products for those who had the opportunity to enjoy its beauty. We pour in the philosophies which reflect the cultural pride of Indonesia. We hope Poros Living evolves in its capacity to satisfy the sense of beauty for our customers both domestic and abroad.


Poros creates furniture and decor products which capture Indonesian's finest craftsmanship of carving, design, and unique forms. Poros produces remarkable products which combine exotic allure, cultural, and Indonesia contemporary designs which approaches critically integrate with today's society modern living.


Poros will always remain consistent and maintain equality of quality to comply with our clientele demands.

Poros is to sustain our excellent products assortments.

Poros will always apply flawless design manner and creates design which comply with the latest design trends.

Poros is committed to be at its very best in products manufacturing and service quality control.

Poros is to maintain mutual business relationship with its customers, employees, suppliers, and enhance appreciation to all it's stakeholders

Convenience, Light, Relaxing

and peaceful feelings are the core of everything we develop at POROS Living. This is especially important since the societies deserved to have "relief factors" Which will lift up the daily pressure upon arriving at POROS's space. It has not only the highest quality craftsmanship but also the ability to impress all of it's viewers.

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